Softball Faceguard

Softball Faceguard

Max View & Full Face Protection

SBFG4000 Vela Ultra Thin Faceguard features ultra-thin vertical and horizontal I-BAR VISION steel bars. The vertical bars are so thin they virtually disappear and go out of focus, which provides a larger range of view.

Compared to other fielding masks on the market, the horizontal bar is much lower, which makes the field of view feel huge! This is perfect for pitchers who look through the lower part of the mask or for fielders tracking ground balls.

Lightweight & Washable

The forehead and chin padding can be removed for washing. Simply use soap and water. The harness can be machined washed with a mild amount of detergent and then left to air dry.

The mask will feel weightless. Weighing 12oz and when held on with the pony tail ready DeltaFlex harness and chin cup it does not shift or move while running, but is easy to talk through.